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Oriental vs. Asiatic Lilies: Barbara's Guide to the Perfect Spring Bouquet

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NY, Barbara's Flower Shop has long been a beacon of beauty and creativity in the community. As the city blossoms into spring, we invite you to explore the distinct charm of Oriental and Asiatic lilies, guiding you to choose the perfect lily for your spring arrangements.

Asiatic Lilies: Vibrant and Allergy-Friendly

Asiatic lilies are a feast for the eyes with their rich, varied colors. They are an ideal choice for those sensitive to fragrances, offering:

    Diverse Colors: Ranging from yellows and oranges to pinks and reds.
    Fragrance-Free: Perfect for allergy sufferers or scent-sensitive environments.
    Upward Blooms: Their blooms face upwards, adding a unique visual appeal.
    Early Bloomers: These lilies flower earlier in the season, brightening spaces with their early arrival.

Oriental Lilies: Aromatic and Majestic

Oriental lilies stand out with their grandeur and intoxicating scents.

    Large Blooms: Their blooms can span up to 10 inches, creating a striking presence.
    Varied Hues: Available in shades like white, pink, and deep burgundy.
    Strong Fragrance: Known for their powerful, sweet scent, filling any room with a lovely aroma.
    Late Bloomers: They bloom later in the summer, extending the lily season's joy.

Selecting the Ideal Lily for Your Bouquet

When choosing your spring lilies, consider:

    Scent Preferences: Oriental lilies for fragrance, Asiatic lilies for a scent-free option.
    Color Choices: Asiatic lilies offer a wider range of vibrant colors.
    Bloom Size: Large, impressive blooms of Oriental lilies, or the smaller, dainty blooms of Asiatic lilies.

Both varieties of lilies, with their unique qualities, are stunning choices for springtime floral displays. Whether it’s the fragrant, large blooms of Oriental lilies or the colorful, delicate Asiatic lilies, Barbara's Flower Shop is here to help you bring the beauty of spring into your home or office.

Barbara's Flower Shop: A Brooklyn Tradition

At Barbara's Flower Shop, located in Brooklyn, NY, we are committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts. Our professional staff ensures each customer's experience is delightful, providing friendly and prompt service.

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From Harlem to Brooklyn and beyond, let us help you celebrate every occasion with our exquisite floral designs. Embrace the spirit of spring with Barbara's Flower Shop, your first choice for flowers in Brooklyn! 

Oriental vs. Asiatic Lilies: Barbara's Guide to the Perfect Spring Bouquet